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"Does the success of something you care about depend on building trust, good will, and clear communication with someone from another culture?"

You expect interactions with people from other cultures to be fascinating, fun and maybe even a little exotic.  You have an open mind, and you love to discover interesting new facts, hear about how things are done differently in other cultures, and find out about other ways of seeing and thinking about the world. 

However, you might be disappointed that real life with people from other cultures doesn’t always meet your expectations. 

You might find that the foreign people in your life do things that frustrate and confuse you.  Their words and their actions don’t match and it’s getting harder and harder to trust them.  You feel like they don’t respect you.

If you are currently working or living with someone from another culture, you may already be experiencing these frustrations and are looking for a solution.

If you will be starting your intercultural adventure in the near future, you definitely want to start planning now to avoid these costly problems.  Right now, you’re dreaming about everything you will learn and excited by all the possibilities, so it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong. 

But reality will eventually crash in, and you’ll need to be prepared when it happens to keep your dreams from becoming a nightmare.

What does life with people from other cultures look like when you’re prepared?  Imagine being able to discuss differences openly and frankly, without judgment.  Think about what it would be like to have constructive conversations with the foreigners around you. 

How would it feel to get everyone on the same page, to get things done on time, the way you want them, and to get the respect you deserve? 

Now see yourself moving beyond the logistics and breaking through to real cultural exchange – the kind that you want for your kids, for your career, and for yourself.  Imagine building enduring relationships built on trust and understanding!

Jamana Intercultural can help you make this kind of relationship a reality.  Company founders Shana and Eric Medah have over 40 years of combined experience working with people from other cultures. 

As a multicultural family, we know firsthand the joys and challenges of living and working with someone from another culture, as well as those of living in a culture that is not your own. 

We can tell you from our personal experience that building and keeping good relationships with people from other cultures isn’t always easy, but it is richly rewarding.  Not only do you learn about others, but you will learn more about yourself than you can just about anywhere else.

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