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We recommend the following books:

General Reading

Old World, New World:  Bridging Cultural Differences:  Britain, France, Germany and the U.S. by Craig Storti

In this book, Craig Storti, a well-known writer on intercultural topics, shows us how easy it is to go wrong in our attempts to understand, interact and work successfully with people different from us.  In many different situations, the Germans, French, British and Americans can understand each other better by understanding the differences between their cultures.  Craig Storti is well-known for his easy-to-read style and for making complicated ideas seem simple.  He goes beyond the surface culture into the different ways that people from each of these countries thinks and sees the world. 

The Art of Crossing Cultures by Craig Storti

(From the back cover) "A great deal has been written on the subject of culture shock and . . . adapting to life in another country.  Many of these books have been academic in nature and most analyze the process of adaptation.  While focusing on the basic psychological processes involved in encountering a foreign culture and adapting to it, he [suggests] a model for encountering the culture straight-on, managing the temptation to withdraw, and gradually adjusting expectations of behavior to fit the reality of the culture."  Storti uses wonderful quotes from well-known literary authors to illustrate his ideas.  This book is quite informative and fun to read. 

The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti

(From the back cover)  The "majority of people returning from an overseas sojourn find readjusting to their home culture more difficult than adjusting to the foreign culture.  Expecting home to be the way it was when they left, most returnees are shocked to discover that both they and their home have changed. . . . This book sketches the issues that most returnees face and what to do about them."  This book will help you prepare your students for going home after an extended stay abroad.

Figuring Foreigners Out:  A Practical Guide by Craig Storti

In this book, Craig Storti shows readers some of the specific areas of difference between cultures, including the different ways people prefer to communicate with each other, their notions of time, their comfort with risk-taking, and their relative attachment to the various social groups they belong to.  This book is more technical than some of Storti's other books, but it is still very easy to understand and is designed to allow users to explore basic cultural concepts on their own.

American Culture

American Ways:  A Guide for Foreigners in the United States by Gary Althen

Gary Althen was a foreign student advisor for 30 years, and has used that experience to write this practical book for foreigners living in the U.S.  Here you will find discussions of customes, cultural values, politics, education, religion, male/female relationships, sports and recreation, driving, shopping, behavior in public, studying, business and non-verbal communication, just to name a few of the topics.  This book is useful both for students and new immigrants living in the U.S. as well as instructors who have to answer the question, "Why do Americans. . . ?"

Note:  An updated version of this book is scheduled to come out in February 2011.  Check back here for more information.  Updates will include a discussion of Bush-era politics, policies and controversy, the election of the first Black president, and the effect of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter on meeting people.
Hello! USA:  Everyday Living for International Residents and Visitors by Judy Priven and Anne Copeland, Ph.D. (available from the Interchange Institute)

This book contains all the practical information you need for how things work in the U.S., including an introduction to the geographic and cultural regions of the U.S., communication, travel, shopping, dining, using the mail and the telephone, and sports and entertainment.  Some of the information is meant for immigrants and others planning to stay a while, but most of the information is useful for students who need to know what to do in everyday situations.

Understanding American Schools:  The Answers to Newcomers' Most Frequently Asked Questions by Anne Copeland, Ph.D. and Georgia Bennett (available from the Interchange Institute)

This book was written by two well-known experts in international relocation, and contains useful information to help newcomers from around the world make sense of the American school system. 

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