Jamana Intercultural

Is This You?


We work with people and organizations from many different backgrounds,  such as:

·       Au pairs and exchange students, their host families, the local coordinators who assist them, and the agencies that recruit them

·       Students who want to study abroad

·       Employees and their families who are preparing for an overseas job assignment

·       Government and community organizations and their employees and volunteers, who interact on a regular basis with immigrants and long-term visitors to the U.S.

·       Teachers and school administrators who have a significant number of students from other cultures

·       Religious and charitable organizations who have outreach and missionary programs aimed at people from other cultures

·       Managers who supervise a culturally diverse workforce

What do they all have in common?  The success of something they care about depends on their ability to establish trust, good will, and clear lines of communication with people from other cultures.

In general, our clients fall into three groups.  Which one describes you?

Do some of the following sound like you?

 I keep an open mind and just try to be honest and be myself when I talk with my foreign employees.  However, some of my employees just don’t seem to get it, and I can’t quite seem to connect with them.  I think I’ve been very clear about what I expect, but the results often fall short.  What should I do?”

“I’m getting ready to do a semester abroad.  I’m looking forward to using my foreign language skills, learning about other cultures and discovering myself, too.  What else can I do to make my time studying abroad the experience and adventure of a lifetime?

  It has been my dream for many years to be an au pair.  My host family is nice, but I don’t feel like they really understand me.  In the last few weeks, I just haven’t felt as excited about it as I used to.  I really miss my family and friends, and it’s hard to always be the foreigner.  I’m beginning to wonder if being an au pair was the right decision.  I’ve only been here for a few months, but maybe it’s time for me to go home.”


It’s really difficult to work with the foreigners who come to my office.  A lot of times I don’t understand them because of their accents, and I can’t tell if they understand what I’m saying.  I try to be helpful, but it can be really frustrating.”

The people who have the most success with our workshops:

·       have curiosity and good will toward people of other cultures

·       are willing to stretch their comfort zone in order to include multiple perspectives.  If you think that your way is the only way to think or act, we’re not for you.

·       are committed to the success of their work, project, or relationship with people from other cultures

·       can commit to one hour at a time in order to get the results they want.

Now that you know about the kind of people we serve, the challenges we help them overcome, and what our clients need to do in order to be successful, click here to find out more about how we work.   



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