Jamana Intercultural


Jamana Intercultural offers a variety of workshops designed to help you build trust, respect and clear lines of communication with people from other cultures. 

Online Workshops

Our online workshops are convenient, affordable, and interactive – which means that you can fit them into a busy schedule, without breaking the bank, and you’ll get to practice what you learn so you can apply it right away.

Online workshops are available to individuals in a public setting or they can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Choose one of the options below to learn more about our workshops:

  • I am a U.S. American who lives and/or works with people from other cultures.
  • I am a U.S. American who is going abroad.
  • I am from another country and I am going to the U.S.

    Speaking Engagements

    Our on-site programs take advantage of the energy and excitement created when everyone gathers together in the same room. 

    You’ll get the same high-quality instruction that we offer in our online workshops, but in a more intimate setting – on the site that you select, surrounded by your colleagues, friends or classmates.

    Our one-hour, half-day or full-day programs are interactive, including powerful simulation exercises, small- and large- group discussions, case studies and more.  Our on-site presentations are customized to meet the needs of YOUR organization.

    Contact us for more details about the programs you can choose from.


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